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Covid-19: always travel informed

Masks, green pass and everything you need to know for your and everyone’s safety

After the the loosening of the restrictive measures on work, transports and social life following the DL 24/2022 and the following end of the state of the emergency it has officialy started a time of gradual come back to normality.

What has changed since May 1st?

It is possibile to access Truck Park Brescia Est without the mandatory exibition of the Green Pass. Every service is available in respect of the dispositions given by the Ministry of Health: the use of the mask is highly raccomended in closed spaces, while it is not mandatory outside anymore, eccept in case of crowd, according to what is established by the law.

Truck Park Brescia Est is completely open.

Every service in Truck Park Brescia Est dedicated to customers and vehicles is open and active following the timetable that can be consulted in every dedicated section.

Common sense is the best ally in order to grant everyone’s safety

Health can be measured in small gestures. In Truck Park Brescia Est, but more in general when we travel, it is important to follow some important precautions:

  • Sanitize your hands frequently;
  • Keep a certain distance and avoid crowded places;
  • In case of crowds, wear your mask;
  • Do not crowd into places with contained access

Learn more visiting the official site of the Ministry of Health.

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