Cost of
Petrol 1,799 €
Diesel 1,679 €
HVO 1,629 €
Parking 150 Hotel Rooms 13

Filling station

Filling station


Via Sandro Pertini 16,
25014 Castenedolo (BS)

At Truck Park Brescia Est, you will find a series of fuel pumps open from (time) to (time), with a staff always ready to assist you. In the evening and at night, the self-service pump is active for payment by debit/credit card.

The system has 5 pump lanes with 10 high-flow nozzles that can dispense up to 180 litres of diesel per minute.

For those who would like to top up without paying to park, there are 2 pumps for unleaded petrol and an AdBlue station close to the entrance.

A Liquid natural gas (LNG) pumping system is now available. An hydrogen pumping systems is also being planned for Truck Park Brescia Est.


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