Cost of
Petrol 1,879 €
Diesel 1,799 €
HVO 1,749 €
Parking 150 Hotel Rooms 13


Truck Park Brescia Est receives the SSTPA certification level “GOLD”

As a confirmation of the high standards of safety and services offered by the largest truck park in Europe

Truck Park Brescia Est received the “Safe and Secure Truck Parking Areas – SSTPA” GOLD level certification during the #FORUMAutoMotive, an event that hosts multiple debates on mobility issues, held in Milan on Tuesday October 25th 2022. To withdraw the certification there was Pier Giovanni Pisani, the General Manager of A4 Trading, the company of the A4 Holding Group that manages the truck parl born in 2009 in Castenedolo, in the province of Brescia, which today looks like a real “citadel of transport”, a point of reference for every truck driver on the A4 highway. The SSTPA certification is issued by DEKRA, the only accredited institution in Europe based on the EU standard for truck parking areas. The SSTPA certification is awarded to those areas that guarantee a high safety to drivers, heavy vehicles and goods and that contribute in a meaningful way to the modernization of the truck transport in Europe. This certification confirms the high standards of safety and services offered by Truck Park Brescia Est, which hosts 150,000 heavy vehicles every year parked in its 400 parking lots within over 170,000 square meters, data that make the Brescia area the largest truck park in Europe. In addition to the wide range of services guaranteed to drivers such as the Hotel Santa Giulia, the filling station, the Shop Spare Parts Truck, the mechanical workshop and truck wash, an exceptional security system for truck parking has recently been implemented: it provides closed-circuit cameras and active surveillance within a fully fenced area. These requirements have allowed Truck Park to gain the “GOLD” level of SSTPA certification, confirming the high quality of the services offered and the safety guaranteed to drivers and goods.
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