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Petrol 1,819 €
Diesel 1,719 €
HVO 1,669 €
Parking 150 Hotel Rooms 13


Effects of COvid-19: benefits for Truck Drivers

At Truck Park Brescia Est, Hotel Santa Giulia offers reduced rates for truck drivers who cannot return home.

The growth of the pandemic is presenting difficulties for all economic sectors for various reasons, and to provide concrete support for truck drivers once again, the A4 Holding Group has provided a dedicated initiative.

In fact, for anyone who cannot return home to their families due to the risk of infection, Hotel Santa Giulia, which is located within Truck Park Brescia Est at the motorway exit of the same name, is presenting particularly advantageous conditions from 1 February to 31 March 2022.

Hotel Santa Giulia is a three-star hotel equipped with every comfort. The rooms have a bathroom with shower, air conditioning, telephone, and TV, where you can rely on services provided by Truck Park Brescia Est such as the restaurant, café, car wash, mechanic shop, laundry, and everything useful and attractive for truck drivers.

This offer is for uninfected truck drivers with a ‘super green pass’ (EU digital COVID pass that can only be obtained after vaccination or recovery from COVID-19, and not with a PCR nor rapid antigen test) who cannot return home due to the inability of proper isolation from others who have COVID-19.
The special rate promoted through this initiative is €30 per night, including breakfast, rather than €45 as per the current rate.

To access this offer, you must:

  • Be a ‘super green pass’ holder
  • Park your vehicle at Truck Park Brescia Est
  • Book directly by contacting +39 030 204 0311 or writing to

Once again, as in previous initiatives adopted at Truck Park Brescia Est, A4 Holding Group serves as a useful partner for truck drivers and is always attentive to the needs and complexity of work in this sector.

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