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Covid -19 effects: at Autoparco Brescia Est the coffee break is offered

In such a complicated and dramatic moment for the whole country, during which hauliers are working to guarantee that all italians are able to continue using essential goods in a commendable way, A4 Holding Group, which manages A4 Brescia-Padua and A31 Valdastico motorways, together with MAN Truck & Bus Italia, have decided to offer to all hauliers the possibility of having a hot shower and a coffee for free, for those who are parked or simply in transit at the Brescia Est Autoparco.
It is a small but symbolic gesture in favor of an entire category which, although now in precarious working conditions, has not failed to give support to the country to face the emergency. In order to benefit from the service, drivers will simply have to go to the car park Infopoint and request the magnetic card needed.
“In these weeks” – explains Alessandro Smania, Marketing and Communication Director of MAN Truck & Bus Italy – “we often asked ourselves what we could do in favor of the truck drivers who are on the road every day, besides guaranteeing normal assistance in case of a breakdown. With deep regret, I’ve read and learned from many operators in the sector the difficulty that they have encountered to simply drink a coffee or use the toilet. Daily gestures that are often taken for granted but that today have become complicated and that we cannot fail to provide to the people who guarantee the supplies to hospitals, pharmacies, supermarkets, service stations and much more “.
“Most of the time” – highlights Nelly Girlanda, head of Communication and Institutional Relations of A4 Holding – “we are led to take the contribution to the country provided by the category of road hauliers that pass through our network and in Autoparco every day for granted, to then realize how, in a situation of crisis like this, they are on the front line with an incomparable sense of duty. This small gesture, conceived together with MAN Truck & Bus Italy, is thought to thank the tireless work of the road transport category, that is making an indispensable service to Italy in these long and complicated weeks”.


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