Cost of
Petrol 1,839 €
Diesel 1,699 €
HVO 1,649 €
Parking 150 Hotel Rooms 13


Truck Park Brescia Est proud to host the Volvo Truck Ambassadors

Truck Park Brescia Est has been chosen to host the Volvo Trucks Ambassadors on Saturday 1st April 2023.

A community of 300 people will gather in an event organized by the Volvo Trucks Center in Brescia: the aim is to professionally train hauliers who will have the opportunity to improve their driving performance with a view to greater safety on the road, against of themselves and of other travellers, always paying great attention to the issue of sustainability.

The Volvo Ambassador community has been active since 2019 and includes all hauliers who have shown great respect and attachment to the brand’s values ​​over the years.
For training and dedicated driving sessions, the large spaces of Truck Park Brescia Est were made available, which with its 163 thousand square meters is one of the largest truck parks not only in Italy but throughout Europe.

For Truck Park Brescia Est it was a great opportunity and satisfaction to be able to host a brand like Volvo, a pioneer in safety and sustainability, themes very dear to the A4 Holding Group it belongs to, which has always been committed to guaranteeing all drivers safe and comfortable stops.

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